accentIndustrial battery manufacturer with state-of-the-art battery engineering capabilities and production facilities.

Liacon focuses on high-performance batteries for stationary and mobile applications requiring high-power capabilities. We combine world-class research & development with state-of-the-art production technology to build high-performance and safe lithium-ion batteries, engineered from cell to system, to succeed in the most demanding applications that are unfit for standard lithium-ion batteries.

Liacon’s LFP Power Cell

Liacon’s Lithium-Iron-phosphate (LFP) cell technology is a culmination of German, US, and Japanese technology best practices. We build some of the largest LFP cells in the world with superior energy compared to standard cell formats. Independent third-party testing has validated that Liacon’s Power LFP cells offer market-leading performance – power density, lifetime, and safety.



Cell Maximum
Discharge Rate


Cold Cranking

-18°C 30 sec
Pulse: 400A

accentSolutions For The Real World

Liacon builds a range of high-power battery products and battery systems for automotive, marine, heavy industry, and grid stabilization. From cell chemistry to cell design, including the mechanical and electrical design of the module, the whole battery is developed in-house and produced at Liacon’s production plant in Germany.

Starter, Lightning, Ignition (SLI) batteries- high power, ultra-high capacity

Liacon’s SLI batteries come in standard BCI group sizes that can replace existing SLI batteries. Our SLI batteries contain Liacon’s proprietary large-format LFP Power cells, giving them ultra-high capacity, power capabilities, and safety. They are suitable for a range of applications, such as:


  • Start-stop batteries for vehicles

  • Delivery Trucks

  • Auto/Race/Marine

  • Semi-trucks

  • RV

  • Golf Vehicles

Grid storage batteries for system integrators and solution providers

Liacon produces high-power LFP Power modules and rack systems for fast-response stationary applications. Solution providers and system integrators can integrate these batteries into existing energy infrastructure, or into containerized solutions for grid deployment. They are suitable for a range of applications, such as:


  • Transmission and distribution network (voltage stabilization)

  • Microgrids

  • Virtual transmission lines

  • Grid deferral

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