accentCell to system: industrial battery manufacturing capabilities with automotive grade production equipment. Made in Germany.

Our state-of-the-art production capabilities are a culmination of German, US, and Japanese technology best practices. Liacon’s production facility, located near Dresden in Germany, is one of Europe’s premier battery manufacturing facilities. Here, one of our main specialties is high-quality cell production of Liacon’s large format pouch cells. We also have a fully-automated robotic battery assembly system for assembling cells into systems all in the one place.

Liacon’s production facility is located in Ottendorf-Okrilla, just 15 minutes drive from Dresden International Airport, in Germany.

Liacon’s production premises is more than 10,000 square meters (107,639 square feet) with 2 cell production halls, one fully automated battery assembly plant, an administrative building, storage space, car parks, and outdoor facilities.

accentCell Production Capabilities

With our state-of-the-art cell production lines and quality assurance equipment and processes, Liacon can produce over 1,000,000 truly high-quality cells per year. With three high-volume cell production lines, 1x medium volume cell production line, and 1x semi-automatic line, Liacon can customize the cell chemistry for different applications, and produce a variety of cell formats too.

Liacon’s equipment has a proven history of operating at industry-leading OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency), maximizing output during industrial production. Our plant contains equipment that has been granted automotive-grade status, which means it is recognized for its high production quality.

Vertical integration meets best-in-class R&D

Liacon already produces market-ready cell chemistries in-house. It also has access to industry-leading battery development and engineering capabilities, from cell to system, thanks to its strong partnership ecosystem. Liacon’s vertically integrated position across the value chain gives it an advantage in both production costs and product specialization – resulting in market reach possibilities that very few international players have achieved.

accentBattery Assembly Capabilities

Liacon’s automated robotic battery assembly system is for assembling high volumes of battery packs while ensuring strict manufacturing consistency. The system assembles the components of the battery module and includes an ultrasonic welding step to weld contacts onto the tabs, maximizing conductive efficiency.

This assembly line has the capacity to assemble the entire yearly output of cells from Liacon’s cell production lines (approximately 1,000,000 cells) into battery modules per year.

“Liacon operates a state-of-the-art cell assembly line from Jonas & Redmann. We are proud to see that with Jonas & Redmann equipment, and our continued support, Liacon remains as a frontrunner of lithium-ion cell production in Germany and in Europe. Jonas & Redmann looks forward to supporting Liacon in the future and being a part of their future success.”

Mario Pütz
Head of After Sales Customer Support

accentBattery Production Services

Are you looking for customized battery manufacturing, contract manufacturing, or toll manufacturing? Contact us to set up a consultation with our battery experts to tell us about your battery needs and find the right solutions for you.

This assembly line has the capacity to assemble the entire yearly output of cells from Liacon’s cell production lines (approximately 1,000,000 cells) into battery modules per year.

Our Partners

accentPublicly Funded Manufacturing Projects

Liacon has been selected by the German and EU authorities to receive public funding grants for its participation in a range of research and development projects. The goal of these projects is to support the development of battery technology and production in Germany and the European Union. Each project is completed by a consortium of partners, each one selected for their industry expertise and capabilities. Find out more about Liacon’s participation in the projects shown below.


Developing the next generation of Cobalt-free Li-ion batteries for electric vehicles

BMFB “Battery Research Factory”

Over the next four years, the Federal Ministry of Research plans to invest a further 500 million euros to ensure Germany’s technological sovereignty in battery technology


Battery materials for future
electro-mobile and stationary applications

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