• Superior and more sustainable alternative to lead-acid batteries, delivering greater energy storage and 1,000 cranking amps of power.

Itzehoe, Germany, May 11, 2023 – Liacon, a leader in battery technology and manufacturing, is pleased to announce the release of its new Group 31 LFP 12.8V 150 Ah battery. This innovative battery is a perfect replacement for any Group 31 lead-acid battery in the market and seamless to install in a wide range of applications.

Liacon’s LFP battery delivers both superior energy storage capacity and power, making it ideal for deep cycle applications such as renewable energy storage, recreational vehicles and marine. With 1,000 cranking amps it can also start diesel engines, making it a flexible solution for a range of power applications. Unlike other lithium-ion batteries, Liacon’s LFP batteries don’t contain heavy metals such as cobalt, making them the sustainable battery solution for end-users.

“Our new LFP battery is a game-changer for the industry”, said Philip M. Meek, CEO of Liacon. “Our exceptional design makes it easy to use in a variety of applications, delivering superior performance and safety, as well as a lower total cost of ownership over the lifetime of the application compared to lead-acid batteries.”

Tim Mayne, CEO of TRION Battery Technologies, said: “I would like to congratulate our Liacon team on achieving this important milestone for the new Group 31 LFP 12.8V 150 Ah battery, demonstrating our ability to deliver to market cutting-edge battery technologies and provide superior, sustainable and cost-effective solutions for our customers”.

Liacon is attending the Battery Show Europe, from 23-25 May in Stuttgart, where it will be exhibiting its new Group 31 LFP 12V batteries along with other new products at Booth 6-D65.

About Liacon

Founded in 2014 in Germany, Liacon operates one of the largest lithium-ion battery factories in Europe with cell assembly lines designed by world-leading automation companies. With in-house capabilities to assemble cells into battery packs for end-use, Liacon is an industry leader in vertically integrated battery development and production. For more information about Liacon’s LFP batteries and their innovative solutions, please visit www.liacon.com.  

About TRION Battery Technologies

TRION Battery Technologies Inc. is an emerging global leader in next-generation silicon solutions and commercial battery production headquartered in Calgary, Canada. TRION completed the strategic acquisition of Liacon in July 2022, making it the only early-stage battery materials company with large-scale battery production capabilities as well as next-generation proprietary battery technology.

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