accentLiacon stands for decades of experience in the development and production of cutting-edge battery technologies

The company started in 2014 developing specialized battery systems with support from well-known German research and development institutes. Today, Liacon operates one of Europe’s largest lithium ion battery factories, located in Ottendorf-Okrilla near Dresden, Germany. The factory contains cell assembly lines designed by world-class automation companies, capable of producing more than 1 million cells per year and assembling these cells into batteries for end-use. Liacon’s total cell production capacity is approximately 500 MWh per year, depending on cell design.

Liacon’s equipment has a proven history of operating at industry-leading OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency), maximizing output for industrial production levels. Our plant contains equipment that has been granted automotive-grade status, which means it has industry recognition for high-quality production.

accentSenior Team and Advisors

Philip Meek


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As Chief Executive Officer Philip is responsible for the successful implementation of the Advisory Board’s strategic vision of the Company. This includes leading product development, production ramp-up of new product lines, leading the Company’s global expansion and managing strategic partnerships. Philip has decades of experience in battery manufacturing and has built and led factories of 1,700+ employees in the USA, China, UK, Taiwan, and Japan where he was responsible for production fulfillment for budgets of $200M+.

Jens Simmank


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As Chief Operating Officer, Jens is responsible for the operational management and financial planning of Liacon. Jens has over 25 years of senior financial management and operations experience in Europe, the UK, the USA, and Asia. Previously, Jens has overseen the regulatory compliance of all international subsidiaries of a well-known German advanced manufacturing company, including being appointed Director of their Hong Kong holding company. Other experience includes overseeing the financial reporting of complex transactions, such as the acquisition of oil companies, and integrating the finance and controlling processes of M&A targets into the group. 

Dr. Serge Umansky

Advisory Board Member (Chairperson)

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Managing Partner and CIO of Whiteridge Advisors SA, Serge has broad expertise in alternative investments. He has been involved in direct investing and active board participation in the energy and IT sectors. Serge holds a Ph.D. and Dr.Sc. in applied mathematics and engineering and has over 30 years of experience in the investment industry.

Timothy Mayne

Advisory Board Member

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Timothy with the Advisory Board oversees the development and implementation of Liacon’s strategic vision. From July 2018 until January 2022 he was part of Liacon’s management team, serving as Managing Director and then CEO. Timothy has helped the company raise €30M in investments and government grants and has led the company’s structure and costs optimization efforts. Before joining Liacon, Tim worked for private equity firm Whiteridge Advisors and hedge fund Signet Capital.

Oliver Bott

Senior Manufacturing Engineer

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As Senior Manufacturing Engineer, Oliver is responsible for optimizing, documenting, and managing each stage of the production process for the batteries production at Liacon. Oliver has over 10 years of experience in the process engineering of lithium ion battery cells and components, and has held senior positions at a lithium ion battery subsidiary of tier 1 automotive company in Germany.

Dr. Edward Buiel

Battery Technology Advisor

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As CEO of Coulometrics, Edward advises Liacon on battery technology innovations and industry demand for new battery products. Edward has over 20 years of experience in the battery industry having served as Energy Storage Group Leader for MeadWestvaco and as VP and CTO of Axion Power International.

Joe Turner

Battery R&D Advisor

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As Director of R&D at Coulometrics, Joe advises Liacon on its cell chemistry and battery R&D strategy. Joe leads the R&D team at Coulometrics responsible for testing, documentation, and validation of new materials, cell types, production support, and research grants. Joe has two decades of li-ion battery experience.

“We are very pleased to support Liacon in the development and optimization of tailor made cutting-edge battery technologies for specialized applications fitting their state-of-the-art production capabilities. In addition to development support, myself and our Director of R&D, Joe Turner, also advise Liacon on technological, production and business matters. We look forward to our future joint success in rolling out an extensive set of quality products to customers worldwide.”

Edward Buiel
President and CEO, Coulometrics

“Liacon operates a state-of-the-art cell assembly line from Jonas & Redmann. We are proud to see that with Jonas & Redmann equipment, and our continued support, Liacon remains as a frontrunner of lithium-ion cell production in Germany and in Europe. Jonas & Redmann looks forward to supporting Liacon in the future and being a part of their future success.”

Mario Pütz
Head of After Sales Customer Support, Jonas & Redmann

“Omron works with Liacon to help optimize their production processes with innovative and integrated production technologies that combine smart robotics, sensors, automated quality control, intralogistics, AI and machine learning technologies. We are looking forward to playing a crucial strategic partner role in any future expansions of Liacon’s cell production capabilities.”

Henry Claussnitzer
Business Engagement Manager, Omron



In order to strengthen the competitiveness of Germany as a location in electrical energy and li-ion batteries, industrial companies and application-oriented research institutes have joined forces to form the industrial network “Kompetenznetzwerk Lithium-Ionen-Batterien” (KLiB) (that is: Competence Network Lithium-Ion Batteries).


At the intersection of energy management and digitalization, StoREgio develops system solutions and business models for the use of energy storage systems, load management and other flexibility options in the supply of electricity, heat and mobility in future energy systems based on renewable energies. StoREgio brings together the skills of its members from business and science. Basic solutions are worked out in projects that can be individually differentiated by the members. In addition to technical, economic and regulatory factors, questions of market and user acceptance are also included.

In addition to market-oriented projects, the association also supports its members in the conception, application and implementation of funding projects. The project work is supplemented by thematic specialist workshops for internal networking and information exchange.
The association offers its members the following services:

– A platform for exchanging information and discussing specific challenges with competent  experts
– Support in the conception of projects and finding suitable partners
– Assistance in applying for funding
– Assumption of project management responsibility
– Networking with other regional and national organizations
– Representation of interests vis-à-vis politics, especially at the state level
– Support in environmental communication (e.g. trade fairs, events)

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