accentIndustrial battery manufacturer with state-of-the-art battery engineering capabilities and production facilities.

The company has proven experience commercializing highly specialized battery technologies for unique and demanding industrial applications. Given your specialized application, Liacon with its battery technology partners develops the optimal cell chemistry and design and develops customized battery packs with the optimal mechanical and electrical design. Specialized batteries are manufactured for our customers at our industrial-scale production facility in Germany.

Specialized battery development-to-production process

The economic value that batteries represent to your business is directly linked to the performance of the battery. When standard batteries aren’t good enough, we help unlock the full value of battery technology by developing completely specialized batteries, from cell to system, to meet your requirements, no matter how demanding.

Cell Development

Development of optimized cell chemistry and design for your needs.

Battery Engineering

Mechanical and electrical design of specialized battery packs by our experienced engineers.


Industrial-scale production of specialized battery products at Liacon’s state-of-the-art production facility near Dresden, Germany.

Specialized Applications

Specialized batteries are integrated into your systems for use in the real world.

“We are very pleased to support Liacon in the development and optimization of tailor-made cutting-edge battery technologies for specialized applications fitting their state-of-the-art production capabilities. In addition to development support, myself and our Director of R&D, Joe Turner, also advise Liacon on technological, production and business matters. We look forward to our future joint success in rolling out an extensive set of quality products to customers worldwide.”

Dr. Edward Buiel
President and CEO, Coulometrics

accentSpecialized battery products

Are you looking for specialized battery products unavailable anywhere else in the market? With our technology partners, we will develop tailor-made batteries for your specialized applications and produce them for you at our state-of-the-art production facility. Contact us to set up a consultation with our battery experts to find the right solutions for you.

Our Partners

accentPublicly Funded Manufacturing Projects

Liacon has been selected by the German and EU authorities to receive public funding grants for its participation in a range of research and development projects. The goal of these projects is to support the development of battery technology and production in Germany and the European Union. Each project is completed by a consortium of partners, each one selected for their industry expertise and capabilities. Find out more about Liacon’s participation in the projects shown below.


Developing the next generation of Cobalt-free Li-ion batteries for electric vehicles

BMFB “Battery Research Factory”

Over the next four years, the Federal Ministry of Research plans to invest a further 500 million euros to ensure Germany’s technological sovereignty in battery technology


Battery materials for future
electro-mobile and stationary applications

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