Industrial battery manufacturer with state-of-the-art battery engineering capabilities and production facilities.

Made in Germany  

accentLiacon stands for unmatched experience in the development and production of cutting-edge battery technologies

The company started in 2014 developing specialized battery systems with support from well-known German research and development institutes. Today, Liacon operates one of Europe’s largest lithium ion battery factories, located in Ottendorf-Okrilla near Dresden, Germany. The factory contains cell assembly lines designed by world-class automation companies, capable of producing more than 1 million cells per year and assembling these cells into batteries for end-use. Liacon’s total cell production capacity is approximately 500 MWh per year, depending on cell design.

Liacon’s equipment has a proven history of operating at industry-leading OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency), maximizing output during industrial production. Our plant contains equipment that has been granted automotive-grade status, which means it is recognized for its high production quality.

accentIndustry-leading battery development and engineering capabilities – from cell to system.

When standard batteries cannot meet your performance requirements, we help unlock the full value of battery technology. We do this by developing completely tailor-made batteries from cell to system to meet your requirements, no matter how demanding. We understand that the economic value of batteries to your business is directly linked to the battery’s performance.

Cell Development

Development of optimized cell chemistry and design for your needs.

Battery Engineering

Mechanical and electrical design of specialized battery packs by our experienced engineers.


Industrial-scale production of specialized battery products at Liacon’s state-of-the-art production facility near Dresden, Germany.

Specialized Applications

Specialized batteries are integrated into your systems for use in the real world.

accentTechnology & Solutions

Liacon focuses on high-performance batteries for stationary and mobile applications requiring high-power capabilities. We combine world-class research & development with state-of-the-art production technology to build high-performance and safe lithium-ion batteries. Our batteries are engineered from cell to system to succeed in the most demanding applications that cannot be met by other lithium-ion batteries.



Cell Maximum
Discharge Rate


Cold Cranking

-18°C 30 sec
Pulse: 400A

“Liacon operates a state-of-the-art cell assembly line from Jonas & Redmann. We are proud to see that with Jonas & Redmann equipment, and our continued support, Liacon remains a front-runner of lithium-ion cell production in Germany and Europe. Jonas & Redmann looks forward to supporting Liacon in the future and being a part of their future success.”

Mario Pütz
Head of After Sales Customer Support

accentSpecialized battery products

Are you looking for specialized battery products unavailable anywhere else in the market? With our technology partners, we will develop tailor-made batteries, from cell to system, for your specialized applications and produce them for you at our state-of-the-art production facility. Contact us to set up a consultation with our battery experts to find the right solutions for you.

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